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2022 Roadway Improvement Projects

Week 6 – 8/15/22 through 8/20/22

In July, Castle Pines Metropolitan District (District) began its 2022 Roadway Improvement project. As a part of this year’s work, 63 road segments will be worked on. The roads were chosen based on their condition, ride, and nature of their defects. Although a healthy investment (about $2.6 million in construction cost) has been planned, not all the streets in the District will be worked on. The goal for this year’s work is to maintain the structural integrity of the roads with most of them receiving patching. Some of this year’s roads in the project will receive surface treatments, but others will receive a surface treatment either next year or very shortly thereafter. The overall goal is to preserve the roads from further deterioration and to provide a smooth and safe ride for the residents. Rather than simply treating the surface of the roads and having rideability and visual concerns reflect through, the plan is to repair critical areas and then follow up with surface treatments.

The attached map shows the roads that will be worked on in your neighborhood. The District has hired Chavez Construction and Olsson engineers to evaluate and complete the work over the next 16 weeks. Each road in the program will receive patch repairs or reconstruction to correct structural defects in the pavement. The roads identified for surface treatments this year will then receive a replacement of the top layer of asphalt with a mill and overlay. This work will not be continuous between the patching and surface treatment.

The type of work utilized depends on the road condition and the expected future traffic on the roadway. This is a multistep process that we are confident will produce the best results. Unfortunately, construction work associated with patching areas and surface treatments will not occur continuously. The District will publish a weekly schedule so residents will know what to expect in their area. The contractor and the District are committed to a safe and orderly process and appreciate your patience with the inevitable disruption to your daily activities.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience during this process.

• The District will communicate with the homeowners through E-Blast, message boards, 72-hr door tags,
and website updates. Please visit the District’s website at for more information.

• There will be no interruption in your trash pick-up; normal schedule, and no interruption to your mail

• Emergency Vehicles will be allowed access at all times.

• You can reach the District at 303-688-8330. After hours, please contact Emergency Services at 303-


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Required – Test Your Backflow Prevention Devices

New State regulations require that backflow devices must be tested and certified every year to ensure that they are working properly. The District has partnered with Backflow Solutions, Inc. (BSI) to assist in administering the backflow program in our community. Details can be seen in the full article.

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Request Your $1500 Rebate for Water Repairs

The Castle Pines Metropolitan District (CPMD) has initiated a robust, data-driven water efficiency program to provide residences of the Village at Castle Pines (Village) the confidence in the security and sustainability of our water future (Vision 2025). This plan was formally adopted by the CPMD Board on February 4th, 2021 and revised by the CPMD Board on October 4th, 2021. An integral part of the Vision 2025 program is to reduce the Village consumption of water for outdoor irrigation in a thoughtful manner, while retaining the beauty of the Village and quality of life for its residents. As part of the efficiency program, CPMD has hired qualified irrigation management experts that have been conducting irrigation efficiency analyses for each home within the District to clearly identify steps needed to reduce water usage while maintaining current landscaping.

To help offset water conservation expenditures, CPMD is offering a rebate program for all homeowners within the District. The following section contains additional information on the rebate program as well as how you can qualify.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Company – Olsson: Courtney Husted
Phone: 303-374-3103

Homeowner Water Efficiency Rebate Program

  • CPMD homeowners will be eligible for financial incentives based on their commitment to implement the recommended improvements and manage their irrigation systems to achieve efficiency goals for outdoor irrigation.
  • CPMD homeowners whose irrigation system is managed by their sub-association may only be eligible for rebates through their sub-association.
  • The incentive dollars can be used by the enrolled homeowner to offset the cost of water efficiency expenditures.
  • The District will cover the expense of an irrigation efficiency analysis for each home within the District.
  • CPMD offers a maximum rebate of up to $1,500 per home. Eligible expenditures include, but are not limited to:
    • Installation of weather-based EPA water sense approved controllers
    • Replacement of installation of high-efficiency spray nozzles
    • Replacement or installation of PRS check-valved heads (spray or rotor)
    • Landscape modification designed to reduce site water requirements
    • Other initiatives undertaken to specifically reduce outdoor water consumption

Homeowners are eligible to receive a rebate on implemented water efficiency efforts as previously described. Information on how to apply for the rebate program will be released in February 2022.

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Irrigation Efficiency Analysis

The Castle Pines Metropolitan District, in collaboration with the resident water committee have developed a Water Efficiency Plan – Vision 2025 – to chart a path forward that reduces our reliance on Colorado’s non-renewable groundwater. To further this plan, the District has contracted with Irrigation Analysis, LLC, to perform Irrigation Efficiency Analysis for the homes within the Village to support water efficiency.

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April 2021 Newsletter

District News for April 2021

In this issue: Water, Roads and Budgets for 2021. 

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Is Your Contact Info Current?

Please use the Contact Us Form to provide your current contact information so that you will have up to date information about how the Castle Pines Metropolitan District is serving you!

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Budget Approved for 2021

The Castle Pines Metropolitan District (District) approved the budget for the fiscal year 2021 on December 14, 2020. At the December 10, 2020, regular meeting, the Board of Castle Pines Metropolitan District held a public hearing to receive comments on the proposed 2021 budget. The budget anticipates $12,278,307 in revenues and $13,818,877 in expenditures during the January 1 – December 31 fiscal year. The Disctrict has two operating funds in its budget:

The general fund (51% of the budget) – receives the majority of its revenues from the District’s property taxes (33.834 mills) and funds the District’s street repair and maintenance services (including snow removal and sanding), right-of-way landscape
maintenance services (including the contract landscape maintenance services provided to the Homes Association), right-of-way storm drainage maintenance services, and any related capital expenses.

The enterprise fun (49% of the budget) – derives its revenues from the monthly water, sewer, stormwater, and capital improvement fees, as well as a contribution from the general fund. The enterprise fund pays for the District’s water production, treatment and distribution services, water facility repair and maintenance, sanitary sewer collection and maintenance services, stormwater maintenance, and any related capital expenses.

The District’s total mill levy remains at 33.834 mills of property taxes – the same rate since 2001. Property taxes are assessed, collected, and distributed by the Douglas County Assessor. If you have any questions or would like a copy of the budget, please contact Burt Knight or Sue Mantz at 303-688-8330. The budget may also be downloaded using the link below.

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2021 Snow Removal Information

Snow season is here and the Castle Pines Metropolitan District provides snow removal/ice mitigation services in the Village

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