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2022 Roadway Improvement Projects

Week 6 – 8/15/22 through 8/20/22

In July, Castle Pines Metropolitan District (District) began its 2022 Roadway Improvement project. As a part of this year’s work, 63 road segments will be worked on. The roads were chosen based on their condition, ride, and nature of their defects. Although a healthy investment (about $2.6 million in construction cost) has been planned, not all the streets in the District will be worked on. The goal for this year’s work is to maintain the structural integrity of the roads with most of them receiving patching. Some of this year’s roads in the project will receive surface treatments, but others will receive a surface treatment either next year or very shortly thereafter. The overall goal is to preserve the roads from further deterioration and to provide a smooth and safe ride for the residents. Rather than simply treating the surface of the roads and having rideability and visual concerns reflect through, the plan is to repair critical areas and then follow up with surface treatments.

The attached map shows the roads that will be worked on in your neighborhood. The District has hired Chavez Construction and Olsson engineers to evaluate and complete the work over the next 16 weeks. Each road in the program will receive patch repairs or reconstruction to correct structural defects in the pavement. The roads identified for surface treatments this year will then receive a replacement of the top layer of asphalt with a mill and overlay. This work will not be continuous between the patching and surface treatment.

The type of work utilized depends on the road condition and the expected future traffic on the roadway. This is a multistep process that we are confident will produce the best results. Unfortunately, construction work associated with patching areas and surface treatments will not occur continuously. The District will publish a weekly schedule so residents will know what to expect in their area. The contractor and the District are committed to a safe and orderly process and appreciate your patience with the inevitable disruption to your daily activities.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience during this process.

• The District will communicate with the homeowners through E-Blast, message boards, 72-hr door tags,
and website updates. Please visit the District’s website at for more information.

• There will be no interruption in your trash pick-up; normal schedule, and no interruption to your mail

• Emergency Vehicles will be allowed access at all times.

• You can reach the District at 303-688-8330. After hours, please contact Emergency Services at 303-


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